Traditional Home Decor

Traditional Home DecorTraditional Home Decor - To decorate the home in traditional style is the mental approach which points the elegance in style and refinement. While we talk about the traditional style many styles are under the range to this traditional style. Actually it depends upon the place where you are living for example if you are living in south Asia the tradition is different from west Europe. Similarly the time period also different whether you want the 18th century or early 19th, all are to be considered.

Here is following tips for traditional home décor:


For giving the traditional look the formal home is the best place. It provides what is needed in large traditional look as big dinning rooms with high ceilings, secured shelves, good proportion rooms, wood floors, built in book cases, French doors, intricate moldings all are suited for traditional décor.


The traditional furniture with warm, dark, rich finish wood, it usually has intricate carvings. The whole furniture gives the majesty look. The traditional furniture have whole busy floor lay out look. The lines and curves in furniture are with intricate carvings.


Jewel tone, Topaz and Gelds, Deep Reds and Rose Quartz, Marine Blues, Vibrant Greens, along with Grays, Beiges, and Whites form the color scheme for the traditional home decorating palette.


The fabrics and furniture slips are of silk, satin, brocade, and velvet is chosen. Needle work and embroidery is often seen.

The floral patterns with stripes are used at the bed sheets.


Usually heavy curtains are used which is of silk and satin or jacquard stuff. Window pans, doors are covered with such curtains.


The decorating items made of metals and crystal is used. The wall hanging is mostly large frames with photographs of ancestors and the animal figures are   placed in different corners of home. Bed canopy and plush surroundings give the traditional look to the décor of home.


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