Smokey Makeup For Teen Girls

Smokey make up have become much trendy in this season. Whether day by day its popularity is increasing all over the world. In this make up center of concentration is eye make up which should be awesome to give you wild and intoxicated look. In this make up mostly black, Grey and brown colors are used. Whether you can also use other colors too in this make up category.

Here are the tips that how you can get perfect smokey look. Firstly apply base on your skin and start this make up from eye make up. Take care that your eyes should not be Oliy. If such then clean your eyes from oil. If your eyes have wrinkles and lining then you can use white powder in much small quantity to hide these wrinkles.

After that give eye shadow to your eyes. Apply black and Grey color on the eye covers. Do make up in just one way from down to up. After eye shadow, apply black color down to the eyes for smokey color touch. This time do make up to outward direction for more beauty and perfect smokey eyes.

Suitable and matching lipstick like brown, black or Grey color will be the perfect combination and it will enhance your smokey look much.


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