Party-makeup to fall for!

Party-makeup to fall for!It’s always good to find the right balance between preserving not under or over makeup to make and use the right makeup colors for different parts of the day. Party makeup can be a part of the day, depending on what kind of party you will be presented and what the occasion. Fast, simple and homemade go to beauty salons for makeup party all the time very expensive and sometimes not worth it!

Party-makeup to fall for!-2The first thing before you makes the party to decide what kind you want to watch. Would you like Barbie or Marilyn Monroe, the makeup you want glossy or matte. In addition, the colors of your clothes and a lot of jewelry materials for all complementary. If you plan to make the evening sparkles use pretty face and sparkling eyes shades.

Party-makeup to fall for!-3Not blue, green, red, etc. all work well on the eyes, but remember to mix them with gold or silver in color, depending on the accessories you plan to spend on clothing and embellishments. Among the eyebrow, apply a silver sheen to the overall shape of the eye to improve it. Complete eye makeup by applying black eyeliner, mascara, if possible, black, electric blue, dark green and chocolate brown and the volatizing lashes for using the extra touch glamorous.


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