Pakistani Brides

Pakistani bridals are one of the most famous bridals all over the world. They are famous for their everything include their heavy dresses, their patchy mehndi, their awesome dark eye make up and full colorful look.

Pakistani-BridesIn Pakistan wedding is one of the most happiest moment for any family. This article is about every new thing and latest trends of bridals.

Pakistani bridal dresses, make up and jewelry are much famous. Pakistani fashion designers are much talented and they this year give much concentration on embroidery on bridal dresses. These are much beautiful. Whether latest trend for bridal dresses is lehngas.

Bridal Make up is also much important. Whether Pakistani bridal wear light color dress or dark color dress. Their make up always dark. But most important is their eye make up which is speciall dark.


On the same hand they always use much heavy jewelry. Necklaces, bangels, ear rings, rings and bracelets are some most important jewelry stuff for bridals of Pakistan.



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