Long Shirts with Trousers Designs 2011

Nationwide shalwar Kameez held inPakistan, but it is also common in Punjab and many states ofIndia. Shalwar Kameez pants long shirt moving means. The woman is wearing a Shalwar Kameez is generally a shawl or Dupatta around the front. In India, they are also known as a Punjabi suit. He created the first time in North Indiaand slowly because of the casual look and feel, given the Indian individual and wears it for everyday life.

Many choose to wear it because of the risk environment in the North. It’s very stressful to wear, elegant and graceful. It gives a reasonable woman in search. The fabric is very light; it is very relaxing to wear. During the meetings as well as many marriages, women prefer shalwar Kameez to designer clothes, fancy saris or chudidars trendy look and noble.

The girls prefer to wear jeans today, Kurtis, skirts orCapriplace Kameez is the descent, and moderately trendy and fashionable. Designer shalwar Kameez past Some are so many women prefer to wear a special wedding or wedding saris. Manual work with beads Zardozi world in a mixture of substances with an interesting mix of East and West the trend is even more beautiful sari focused on fantasy.


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