Justin Lee’s Prostitution Scandal Photo Leaked

Everyone wants to see something different about the celebrities nowadays. The Taiwanese heir Justin Lee apparently caught in prostitution scandal with several women he has prostituted in which 60 taped during the sessions.

Jayne Stars revealed that the photos form the social networking website’s pornographic collection were released by an anonymous netizen recently, identified as “M”, including a one minute and 13-second video clip on Taiwan’s largest community forum, PPT Bulletin Board System.

After the photos posted online, the “M” locked the post stating that users who want to watch more photos and videos from Justin Lee’s collection had figure out the password themselves, that did not stop the post generating millions of comments.

Justin Lee involved in prostitute scandal as his racy photos released online through the media.

Justin Lee involved in prostitute scandal as his racy photos released online through the media.

The news aired under headlines that Lee and a woman surnamed Chen surrendered themselves to the Taipei Prosecutors’ Office at 8:35 p.m. yesterday in the company of three lawyers.

According to the local reports, the women was allegedly helping Lee by hiding her residence in Changhua over the past several days.

In July last year, the two women accused Lee of prostitute scandal, but he was released by the Taipei District Court due to lack of concrete evidence against him.

To make worst headlines, netizens have been photoshopping various photos of celebrities in an attempting to tie them into another scandal and generate second guesses. The other two celebrities that victimized by the netizens were the famous Taiwanese actress and model, Kelly Lin and actress Alice Tzeng.

Also, Justin Lee’s ex-girlfriend, Cora, had been accused to be “M”, following reports that she was seen turning in a CD device to the police authorities. “How can it be me?! I do not have any of them. The prosecutor will prove me innocent!”

Then Cora went on to deny that the CD was her sex tape with Lee through her Facebook page, stating, “That CD is a computer device driver. The police are checking if there are more photos in it.


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