Indian Home Decorating Ideas

Indian Home Decorating IdeasIndian Home Decorating Ideas - Each culture and each civilization is unique in its way of living. The European culture is different from the Asian culture. Each has its own ways if living and styles, but now with the advancement of technology reduced the cultural boundaries. We adopt different techniques of one culture in another. But still there is some uniqueness in each.

The Indian style of decorations is characterized by the following features:


The Indian culture is full of colors and brightness. It shows vibrancy in each of its living either in wearing or home decoration. The bright and bold colors are used in wall paintings. If we see the historical places of India we shall notice the great use of dark maroon and green shades in the wall paints and tiles and bricks.  Same is true in the paints of homes, Selection of bold rich as turquoise, red, green, orange or gold for your walls to be the backdrop of your room, If to choose the natural subtle colors then for ceiling or for one wall with dark bold color.


As the wall is with bold colors the furniture is used wit heavy wood as ebony teak, rose wood. The black lacquered and dark polished furniture with engraving of different colors in it, is selected. The heavy metallic vases, pots are selected to decorate the room. As brass, liver, copper metals are mostly used in decorative items.


Instead of wooden or plain cold cemented or tiled floor the rugs with bright colors and intricate designs are selected. These are with motifs and patterns of animals, features with dark colors are used. If tiles are used these are again in reddish, yellow, golden colors are selected.


The fabrics used for bed slips, curtains and for cushions and pillows are of golden and with large shapes of animals or with intricate patterns are used. The Indian silk fabric or raw silk with shiny and dark colored texture is used.


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