How To Decorate Drawing Room

Everyone wants a beautiful and attractive home whether drawing room is the main part of our room where all guests sit. SO we should take some extra concentration and care to settle drawing room. If drawing room is good then whole house impression on guestes will be impressive.

This article is about how to make your drawing room perfect. Sofa, table are baic accessories of drawing room so these things should be arrabged beautifuly. Whether furniture should also bea of latest trendy. Dont put many decoration pieces on table instead just a bunch of flower in center us necssary.

Sofa and cushions should be different in color to each other mean light color sofa pair with dark color cushions and vice versa. There should be an specific wall where you hang paintings and pictures. Capacity of drawing room also take effect on furniture color so if roam is small then us light color furniture whether if it is big then dark color will be perfect.


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