Clean Your House With Vinegar

Vinegar is relly a gift of God to us. It have many ways of use. It use in cooking, it use as medicine but another use of it is to clean your house. It is an awesome cleaner and vanish every type of dirt spots. Your house will surely shine after cleaning it with vinegar.

Vinegar are best thing to clean mirror and glasses. Simply apply vinegar in much small quantity on glass and after some time wash glass with water. It will surely shine after that.

If your glass tables are dirty with water spots on it and these spots are not removing even with high brand cleaners then best way is that apply some vinegar on it and leave it for the whole night. At morning just clean it with cloth. All spots will vansih.

To wash kitchen tiles or home just mix it with baking powder and wash your kitchen with this mixture. It will remove every type of dirt spots. It is also use to wash your oven. Just wash your oven with the mixture of boiled water and vinegar.


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