Candy Colored eyes Make Up for spring

Candy Colored eyes Make Up for spring-1Enjoy the hottest colors of eye makeup for this season and our makeup tips are using to get it just right. The bright colors seem heavy eye makeup all the rage for spring shows fashion and thank the Lord for that! I think we all a little tired of bronze, dark brown eyes and black! Winter is over and it comes with the dark eye makeup look. Eye makeup tips for spring adventure in eye makeup color, natural beauty and make your face with makeup pretty bold colors of eye makeup for you.

Eye candy color scheme for spring 2010 and is all about bold color explosion strategic high range of pigments on the eyes. Natural beauty your eyes out, there are a variety of colors and textures eye makeup to choose the shade for spring: matt, shiny and metallic shimmer.

The 80 of the eye makeup trend is in full force and it will give your eyes a pop of purple, blue, green makeup and eye candy colored cotton! Vibrant pink, coral and turquoise can be applied in large splashes look closely. Never the colors of eye makeup around your eyes for the day, instead thinking inside and outside corners of the eyes!


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