Beauty Cosmetics can be Home Made and Natural too

Here are three recipes for natural beauty and cosmetics that is easy to carry and easy to use, no side effects. Exfoliate beauty cosmetic cosmetics is a natural beauty, but the house of beauty cosmetics seems too good to be true in each of sea salt is beauty cosmetics, dry flaky, dead skin. Thus the wet face and apply the perfect beauty cosmetics few tablespoons of sea salt.

 Rub gently with a washcloth or a wet finger and enjoy your beauty cosmetics. The secret is anesthetic beauty rinse with cold water to the pores up. After the home-made beauty regime is cosmetic facial mask.

The latter is the less moisturizer, beauty and cosmetics house was used as a moisturizer.

It uses rose water beauty cosmetics with a cup of water and 1 / 2 cup of fresh rose petals. Boil the mixture in a pan of an aesthetic beauty to heat water and rose petals to a boil. After that, the aesthetic beauty of the petals cooled pressure and glycerin and aloe Vera juice is added.


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