Barack Obama Tops Justin Bieber In Online Activity

The Us President Barack Obama surpassed teen sensation Justin Bieber to become the most influential personality in the world.

Klout, the web venture that claims to measure people’s online activity using an algorithm, made a declaration on Tuesday. The website that earlier measured people’s influence using social media site such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube etc.

The Obama campaign is on nine different online platforms, including Pinterest, Instagram and Spotify; the Romney campaign is on seven. The overall decision was made owing to the criticism that pointed to Bieber as an example of why qualifying online influence was irrelevant.

Chief Executive Joe Fernandez said, “We heard the common complaint, Klout’s interesting, but what about people who are influential in the real world?”

The teenage pop icon, with Twitter army of 26 million ‘Beliebers’ who retweet his every word, had a Klout score greater than the US President.

The influence was greatest on Twitter as @Barack Obama and @Obama2012 together tweeted an average of 29 times a day, while @MittRomney averaged just one tweet daily. The contest is closer on Facebook: Romney posted 34 times on Facebook compared with Obama’s 27 during the two weeks studied.

Though Obama’s 27.8 million “likes” dwarf Romney’s 4.6 million, the Romney campaign points to Facebook data showing that Romney’s “likes” have been increasing faster than Obama’s. Romney also outscores Obama in Facebook’s tracking of “most talked about” pages: 1.6 million people to 1.4 million.


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